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Hello Newgrounds.

2010-05-17 14:02:30 by IBase1

HELLO! iv been an inactive member for to long now. i write music and i love playing flash games. so now i have been wondering. "should i use newgrounds as yet another source for marketing my work?" I am a published writer and a college student looking for work. so of corse i need as much time as i can get on the internet to help be branch out. i will have LOTS of works that are newground exclusive.

as a warning i write classical and percussive marching arts. so yes you may hear a random drumline warmup or an indoor show or drum corps show on here. never the less please enjoy my music.

currently my first submittion is under review to be approved. when its done please take a listen =D

Hello Newgrounds.


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2010-11-06 14:11:23

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